Dog Grooming/Pampering

From Scruffy to Fluffy conducts pamper sessions for dogs.

Bring your dog to our spa for a complete pamper session

A bath or shower in our Spa Bath using ozone enriched water rejuvenates stressed and aching dogs of all ages. Used in combination with specially prepared salts it can ease the joints of an ageing dog. Our spa uses the strong anti-bacterial function of ozone to help a wide range of skin conditions. It can help relieve aching and soothes symptoms of hot spots and eczema.

We also offer a range of dead sea salt mud scrubs that soothe hot spots and other skin irritation. This is gently massaged into the coat which relaxes your dog. We complete the treatment with a facial. This is fantastic for all dogs but especially beneficial for dogs with wrinkly faces as it cleans and soothes the furrows.

  • Deep Cleansing

  • Deep Hydration

  • De-shedding

  • Mud Packs

  • Facials

  • Hydro Massage

We offer a puppy package where we aim to introduce grooming to your puppies routine at an early age. The package includes 2 x 20 minute appointments when we just let your puppy explore the environment, maybe have a trim, nail clip or a bath. This is all done at your puppies pace, making sure it is an enjoyable experience. After these introductory appointments we aim to do a full groom including bath, clip/trim, nail clip, ear clean and teeth check. I also give you one to one, personalised training on how to keep your dogs coat and nails in the best possible condition and help to start that wonderful bond that grooming can give you with your puppy. This whole service of three appointments is just £20

Skin treatments and hair conditioning

Here at From Scruffy to Fluffy, we provide skin treatments and hair conditioning for dogs at reasonable prices. We use ozone bubbles to clean your dog's skin. This technique will remove bacteria and infections from your dog's skin.