Should I put a jumper on my dog

There’s a question that will divide people

There are the ‘dog people’ and ‘everyone else‘.

Just joking ? but there are people that think dogs are “only animals” and that the ‘dog people’ give dogs more than they need. My thoughts regarding this view is that our dogs are domesticated dogs, not wolves. Humans have bred different characteristics into dogs including coat types.

Our dogs, especially ones that live in our homes have been modified by breeding. We have changed them so that they fit in with our way of living, their bodies are less able to deal with extremes of temperature.

So does YOUR dog need a coat, there are a few simple things to consider,

Coat type – do they have a double coat, wool coat, silky coat or even no coat like the Chinese crested. How long and thick is it’s coat.

Age – a senior dog is less tolerant to temperatures so would really appreciate a warm coat or jumper in the winter.

Health – is your dog healthy?  If they are not up to full strength they may need some help keep warm.

Breed – dogs that hold less body fat are more likely to feel the cold. An example of breeds that may benefit from a coat are chihuahuas, whippets and greyhounds.

Our dogs spend most of the time in the same environment we do. If you are going to be outside for a while, have put on your own warm coat,  then have a think about the factors above and decide if  your dog would be more comfortable wearing a warm jumper or coat.